Why You Should Murder Your Boss

About "Why You Should Murder Your Boss"


“Why You Should Murder Your Boss” introduces Tiana Blackstone (Tee to her friends), the rainmaker at one of the most powerful public relations agencies in D.C. She’s always making lists to keep down the chaos: have more sex with her husband, train her dog, and kill whomever has annoyed her that day. She gets through her days with caffeine and – every once in a while – the magic pills that keep anxiety at bay. 

When she gets fired after her boss believes a rival’s lies, she finds out that no list can keep her life from spinning way beyond what magic pills can cure: colleagues won’t return her calls, her husband seems way too interested in his glamorous colleague; and her dog keeps trying to run away. 

“Why You Should Murder Your Boss” is a romantic comedy – no bosses were harmed in the writing of this 73,000-word book – about Tiana’s struggle to reinvent herself, and her realization that maybe the person she needs to kill off is who she used to be. 


This is a standalone that can be the first in a series. The manuscript is complete and I am searching for an agent.