The Scent of lies

About "The Scent of Lies"


“The Scent of Lies” introduces flavor chemist Lauren Henderson, who must use her freakishly strong sense of smell to search for her daughter, Piper. Piper has gone missing from college in Washington, D.C.  When the body of Piper’s best friend is found, the police move Piper from victim to suspect. Lauren must fight police skepticism and her own doubts about her daughter, to find Piper before a snowstorm shuts down the nation’s capitol. The last place Piper was seen is at a roleplaying party to train military attaches, but neither the military nor Piper’s friends are helpful. It will take Lauren’s superior scenting skill -- and trusting her heart -- to unearth the truth behind Piper’s disappearance. 


This book is in revisions and I am seeking an agent.