I've been writing fiction since I knew how to form words. My first story for a class was about a woman who lost her leg and named her "fake leg" Egbert (I didn't know the word prosthesis). Needless to say, I never took well to "write what you know." 


Stealing Jade


A romantic suspense about a jewel thief who's trying to get out of the business...if only her husband will let her. 

Scent of Lies


A romantic suspense about a woman with a super sense of smell. When her daughter disappears, she must rely on all of her heart as well as her senses to find her. 

Why You Should Murder Your Boss


A romance about a woman finding out that to-do lists don't help when you forget to put your true love on top of the list. 



A cozy mystery about Mistral (Misty to her friends), a reluctant witch who must make peace with her magical gifts to escape a killer.