Stealing jade

About "Stealing Jade"


“Stealing Jade”is an 82,000-word character-driven suspense. Jade has the self-deprecating humor and the criminal career path of the classic Bernie Rodenbarr mysteries and her relationship with Adam is akin to the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. More recently, readers of Ellen Butler's Isabella's Daughter will appreciate the story of a woman who discovers that loved ones are not as they seem, and readers of Karen Olson's Hidden will appreciate what happens to relationships that are based on secrets. 

After Jade catches Adam, her husband and fellow thief, cheating on her, she has a “revenge affair” with an attractive neighbor. When she finds her lover’s body during what was supposed to be a midnight tryst, the thief instinct takes over – she bolts. But Jade doesn’t run far – thieves know that acting normal is the best way to blend in.  

The police think her lover walked in on the burglars hitting Charleston’s wealthy homes and that they killed him. She knows better – she and Adam, are the thieves and Jade is no killer. But is her notoriously jealous husband as innocent as she is? 

Jade would like to start a new life, a life without Adam and without robbery. She wants to trade the adrenaline rush of cracking safes for the safe excitement of being a food writer discovering culinary creations in a city known for its food. 

But, the violence escalates when the murderer starts stalking Jade. She needs the resources of Adam’s security firm to help her protect herself until she can figure out what the killer is after. Jade hates needing Adam, and she hates the fact that she’s still vulnerable to his charm and charisma. And she really hates that she can’t decide whether Adam is, in addition to a cheat and thief, a killer. 


Have hired a terrific editor to work with -- I'm incorporating his notes and also working on the second in the series.