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Your "O" Face

Do you REALLY wanna know what you look like during sex? Bet it's nothing like porn shows! 

Bleed, Baby, Bleed!

Do we really need a device to track our menses? 

Meet Nate

Are women ready for sex-bot Nate? 

Who's The Best Man?

So...apparently marrying YOURSELF is a thing? 

Spying Vibrators

Do we really want our vibrators collecting data on...THAT?

Large and in Charge

Why is it still okay to go after a woman's weight? 


Sex? No Thanks!

Have we gotten too busy for sex? 

After AME: BJ Dennis

Talking to Gullah expert BJ Dennis a year after the slaughter. 

Sex Toy Parties

Sound more fun than Tupperware, that's for sure! 

"Honest Dating" App?

Can an app really keep  us honest when it comes to dating? 

Resting Bitch Face

Do you have the heartache of RBF?

Simulating Stimulation

Giving us all a map to mastering the pleasure of "down there"


6 Holiday Gifts to Kill Love

Sure, you COULD give these gifts. If you're ready to say goodbye. 

World AIDS Day

Don't be stupid...get tested. 

The Math of Finding A Mate

Is finding the right mate just a mathematical equation? 

Planned Parenthood PingPong

Once again, Congressional men are making rules about women's bodies. 

Topless in Charleston

There are some good reasons you won't see nipples in Charleston. 

Sorry/Not Sorry

The wrong people keep apologizing. 


Why Are We So Perfect?

Online, we're all so perfect. But is that healthy? 

The "Alleged" Rapes

When are we going to start believing women?

Sorry for Your Loss, But What About ME?

Tone deaf after a tragedy.

Standing to Grieve

Can I mourn with Charleston even if I'm new to the city? 

Get Tested

Our AIDS stats should have you seeing red for Valentine's Day

Faking The Big O

Does everybody fake it, at least once? 


5 Bad Reasons to Shack Up

There are good reasons to live together. These are not those. 

Busting 6 Relationship Myths

Don't believe what they say about the perfect relationship. 

Three in a Bed

There are always ghosts when you and your lover are in bed. 

50 Shades of Blah

We save you by reviewing the movie. 

#LoveSafe for V Day

Be  protected this V day! 

Groundhog Day Seduction

Bartenders see the same pickup lines over and over. 

Texting Your Kid Self

What advice would you have for your kid self? 

Naughty Pix for Xmas

Maybe all he wants for Christmas is a frame. 

Holiday Lover? 5 Tips

There's a knack to bringing a lover into the family home for the holidays. 

Full Bust and a Full Cart

Apparently a full bust and a full shopping cart go together. It's science. 

CHS Top 3 Insecurities

Makeup artists share what we're insecure about. 


First Comes Love...

Does it matter anymore if marriage comes first, or kids do?

Morning-after Bacon

What does breakfast after a night of love even mean anymore? 

Brave New World of Condoms

The love glove of the future may be on the way. 


Why would you stay with someone who hits you? Women's complicated. 

Not Seduction

Date rape? It's as far from seduction as it can get. 

Holy City Pickup Lines

Some pickup lines that only a Charlestonian  will understand.