Essays from the female perspective.


What's In A Name?

I raised my daughter to make choices, so why was I so upset with her choice to change her name when she married? 


There's something about the breezy freedom of a skirt....

Hanging with the Boys

I was never a tomboy but boy, I sure liked hanging out with the boys! 

Filling the Quiet

Sometimes, we want voices in our heads. 

Boxing with my Daughter

Boxing has nothing on verbal sparring! 


Calendar Girl

Sometimes  you have to schedule spontaneity.

What's Keeping it Juicy?

I've started a podcast and it's all about living a juicy life! 

Classing Up Your Holidays

La Dames d'Escoffier teaches how to make your holidays classier. 


When our delusions about our best selves come crashing against reality.

Beach Reads

Sometimes you can live inside a summer beach read. 

Capturing Creativity

Creativity is elusive, the muse coy. 


In The Wild With Simba

Go on a photo safari, by all means. You'll discover you aren't that high up on the food chain. 


Is it ridiculous to think that one mate can meet all of our needs? 

Middle-aged Piercings

Where can you go when you want your ears pierced, but you're not exactly at the bubblegum age? 

Exploding Puddings

Sometimes, it's the disasters that make the best holiday memories. 

The Best Meal

How my parents' love created the best post-prom dinner ever. 

The Big Little Life

Sometimes living a little life is the best of all. 



Taking a breath to take a pause and then...


Want to be bold? Remember the world doesn't revolve around you! 


The luxury of summers when you're little. 

AME One Year Later

A look back at the shooting that changed the city and the world. 

Escape the Ordinary

Should We Escape the Ordinary?