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Happenings around Charleston for Charleston Grit's blog


Chef John Fraser

This Michelin-starred chef wants to start a relationship with Charleston. 

Underground Kitchen returns to Charleston

They won't tell you WHERE the dinner is until right before, but they'll say it's going to be great! 

Jamie Lynch Goes E-I-E-I-O

The bad boy of the kitchen has reformed and it's taken the love of a good farm to do it. 


Life After Sean Brock

Celeb chef Sean Brock has left Charleston, but Husk is sailing along with Travis Grimes at the helm. 

With Apologies to Bill Murray

I didn't mean to make Bill Murray mad! Honest! 

Betty's Diner

Sweet comfort food and doesn't everyone have an Aunt Betty?


Catch this restaurant while it's still cool. 

Bring in the Rat

It's a cold morning and they're calling for the rat. I'm not sure it will end well.

Thanksgiving for the "Dears"

Nathalie Dupree talks about how to ride herd on the "dears" at the holiday.

Sorghum & Salt

New tasting menu


Pork & Side Ventures

A new venture teaches the virtues of getting up close and personal with your meat. 

Holiday Entertaining?

Entertaining for the holidays? Les Dames have you covered. 

Foodie Tour

The city's most successful tour group takes on the foodie part of the city. 

BevCon 2017

Day-drinking...I do it for my art. 

Jamie Who?

Jamie Lynch is spending most of his time in Charlotte, but that hasn't stopped the new chef at 5Church

86 Cannon

Quiet inn slips onto Cannon Street.


Corrie Wang

Short Grain's sunny proprietress releases a novel that explores the dark side. 

Dark & Delicious

Jamie Lynch joins with another Top Chef rival at 5Church to present a winning dinner. 

Top Chef's Jamie Lynch

Chef Jamie talks about his noble sacrifice that cost him Top Chef honors. 

Ohm Close to Home

New women's wellness weekend.

Ali Magraw

Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry for a Bad Gift

Cos Bar Turns 40

Popular cosmetics bar turns 40, and some lessons along the way.


Music with Friends

New music club hits town.

Frank & Gray

A new mellow store on King Street. 


Spring and a new sushi menu are in the air. 

Rebel Tacqueria

Home of "baller" tacos

Body Image Art

Too fat, too thin...body image in art.


Duck for Year of the Monkey

Ramen artist brings the pop-up 

Pizza and Art

Indaco hosts artist Shannon Woods.

Nothing Fishy About These Fish

Good Catch program lets you feel good about your fish.