skirt community column


Meals on Wheels

This group is making sure the homebound get nutritious meals, even during hurricanes.


Empowered Minds

Kids are taking yoga in school...and it's helping behavior. 


In good weather and bad, they are a pup's best friend -- and a kitty's, too. 

Coastal Conservation League

Preserving the Lowcountry's environment

Ryan White Center

Fighting South Carolina's high HIV risk. 

Fresh Future Farm

She brought fresh produce to an urban desert and she isn't stopping there. 

Anita Zucker

If all you see is the billions of dollars, you're overlooking the most important part of philanthropist Anita Zucker. 

Packing Hope

When it gets so bad kids have to leave without their stuff, that's when Lowcountry Orphan Relief steps in. 

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.


Women in technology foster connections online and offline. 

Fresh Start

At One80 Place, they believe nothing should go to waste. Especially people. 


Birds of Prey

Even majestic birds need help if they're going to keep flying high. 

The Power of Family

They used to send away girls who "got in trouble." There are still girls like that who need a helping hand. 

A Heart for Freedom

Sexual slavery flourishes in the U.S. This group is fighting back. 

Basket Brigade

These folks stuff baskets for others instead of stuffing themselves on Thanksgiving. 


For many victims of domestic violence, the answer to "Why doesn't she leave him?" is nowhere to go. THRIVE is changing that. 

Caring for the Aging

The old and forgotten have a champion. 

Field Trip

Teaching kids where their food comes from and how to change their habits, and their families' habits. 

Keeping Summer Kids Fed

All those breakfast programs stop when school does. Keeping the kids of summer fed.