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Old Warehouse Now Luxury Home

Renovation opens  up dark old warehouse to bright home. 

Ridding Pests, Naturally

There's a bit push to get rid of pests and rodents in a more natural way. 

Psst..Know A Good Contractor?

It's getting harder to find a good contractor who's not booked until eternity. 

Gardening for the Non-Gardener

Planting when your thumb is far from green. 

Not All Oaks Are Angels

It helps to know the difference, especially when an ancient oak threatens to topple. 

A Room of Their Own

For some people, it makes sense to design the house around the pets. 


Diary of a Renovation

The personal adventures of bringing a historic home back to life without losing your mind. 

Transformative Touches

Bringing reclaimed wood back to life

Home & Garden Tour

Annual tour offers rare glimpses of social properties. 

All Dressed Up

Symphony Designer Showcase home gets dolled up for festival. 

That's MY Recliner!

People get really possessive and picky about their recliners. 

Bug Busters

Bats in your backyard? Be very happy! 


Fixing a Fixer-Upper

A tumbledown home gets its moment in the Hollywood spotlight. 

Critters in the Attic

When the pitter-patter of little feet are invading critters. 

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