Older stilettos


Great to Good

Sometimes I think I'll just settle for good enough, 

Let's Pretend

Daylight savings time and other games of pretend. 

The Humiliation of Sourdough

Trying to make sourdough can teach you some life lessons. 

Why Do We Give?

What makes us generous -- or not?

Space in Love

How much space do you need  in your relationships, and how much is too much?


We should replace New Year resolutions with rituals. 


Listen to Yourself!

It can be uncomfortable to hear your own voice. It can be more uncomfortable to hear your own words!

Don't Follow Your Passion

"They" always say to follow your passion. But what if "they" are wrong?

Listen to Your Mother

My contribution to a stage show about...mothers. 

Hurricane Lessons

Forget the breathless newscasters. Here's what you REALLY need to know in a hurricane!


You know what's really brave?


Have you given? Why not (cue pathetic child or animal with big eyes). Guilt-shaming for charity is all the rage. 


Fear of FOGS

It's a race against the dread disease FOGS...Fear of Getting Stupid. 

Fear of FOMO

Is the fear of missing out making you miss out?

Dancing with Daddy

I learned to dance on Daddy's feet. As a grownup, could I remember how to follow? 

Editing Friends

Can you have too many friends? Is that even a thing?

Brand ME

I have to brand myself?! Hardest thing EVER! 

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Friends ask how I bruised my ribs. There's a story there...


Under the Influence

Hard to feel sexy when you're drugged

Love Lists

There's an actual list for all the reasons I love him. 

My Body is a Jerk

When it comes to being sick, it's not mind over matter as my body emphasizes. 

MeToo...and 3...and 4

The MeToo movement has brought all the memories out.

Keeping it Juicy

What does it mean to live a juicy life?


Don't be that guy with the phone.


Hurricane Season

Why do hurricanes bring out all the blowhards?

Opinions vs Experts

What you feel is true doesn't trump facts. 

Be Still

Just sit in the quiet and you might fall back in love.

Leave the Gun, Grab a Book

Read a book and rediscover your empathy. 

Grateful enough? Thanks!

What if you're just not wired for gratitude?

Hitting the Target

A humbling reminder that my words do sometimes hit their target. 


Please Prove Me Wrong

Please don't let the aftermath of unified marches be petty division. 

March on Without Me

Do marches ever really change anything?

Good Riddance

2016 was a very  bad year.

Christmas is a Puppy

Don't get caught up in the puppy energy of the holiday. 

Witching Hour and Ghost Voices

I don't really mind the phantom voices in the night 

The Blame Game

Check out the difference in the way females are covered in the media. 


Laughing Matter

When did we start confusing the nervous laughter of discomfort with real laughter?

Memory Keepers

What happens to your memories when the people who tell your stories have all died?


Rape in the news brings back memories of my own rape.