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High-tech Dentistry

Dental devices you can print out? It's coming, and more in the future of dentistry. 


There aren't any good rituals...modern medicine isn't so modern when it comes to miscarriages. 

Dining Out, Not Pigging Out

What are you to do when the food in the restaurant threatens to derail your diet? 

Senior Love

Romance doesn't end when youth does. 

Outside the Box

Alternative medicine is becoming a good alternative. 

White-coated Warriors

Pharmacists do more than fill prescriptions. They also fight for your rights and for your health. 

When Your Perfect Child...Isn't

What if your little darling is a bully, or worse? 


Increasingly, schools are finding a way to fast-track students into real jobs. 

How Sweet it Isn't

Sugars...they hide in the darnedest things!