Even Older stilettos



Finding your tribe makes all the difference. 

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Missing my dad. 

A Year After the AME Shooting

On the anniversary of the shooting. 

Watching Over Little Ones

Is it reasonable to cast blame when tragedy strikes in the second your back is turned?

Missing the Gold

Sometimes with a verbal little one, you ignore the tide of words. But then you miss the gold.


Call me eccentric, but...well, there is no but. 



Wishing life came with a button to redo. 

Cool to Be Kind

Have we gotten too cool to be kind? 

Second Base

When I was a pre-teen, a boy forcibly touched me. And I was stupid enough to be thrilled. 

Storage Locker

Throwing out stuff -- and memorabilia -- we no longer need. 

Magic Pies

My mom's pies? I swear they had magic in them. 

Ugly Sweaters

I just don't get the ugly sweater craze. 



How can I stop worrying about having enough...of everything?

Touching Strangers

An experiment shows how touch can lead to good things, even with strangers. 

Sexual Blackmail & Congress

When will those without female parts stop legislating female parts?

Should You Find Your Own Twin?

What if there's a twin out there? Should you find your twin or revel in your own perceived uniqueness

My Katrina

Remembering the devastating New Orleans hurricane. 

The Battle to Seize the Ear

Is all conversation just waiting until we can make our point?


The Art of Being Helpless

I love to help my spouse, but I'm not so good when I'm the one needing help. 

The Teddy Bear

A recent ad shows some of the best communication lessons. 

Stop Calling Dylann Roof Crazy!

Just because someone does something evil doesn't mean they are mentally ill. 

Standing to Grieve

I'm new to Charleston but the AME shooting makes me hurt for my home. 

The Right to be Forgotten

You may want to go off the grid, but the grid keeps coming after you with evidence of your past.

Grown Up But the Same

Are our selves the same even as we grow and change?


Only Nice People Have Rights?

When we read a story about crime, why does it matter if the victim was nice or not?

Firing A Friend

When to know if it's time for them to go. 


I realize now...I'm no Anne Frank. 

How Do You Renew?

What are the rituals that bring  you back into yourself?


Can you blame your undergarments for underachieving?

Three Ricks

They were all named Rick and they helped form my early view of guys. 


My Own Opposite

Sometimes I can be my own evil twin.

Letter to My Younger Self

What would you tell your younger self?


Setting resolutions for new year. 

Did Kim Kardashian Get it Right?

A "scandalous" pose? 

A Sliding Door Life

Considering the alternatives of roads not taken. 

Be A Better Writer to Be A Better Lover

There's some science that says we writers are better lovers.


Comfortable In Your Skin

What would you change about your body? 

Balancing the Forces

How to balance the push and pull of life. 

Bon Appetit vs Bon Mots

Do  you eat out or in and why?

Letting the Barbarians In

Is it wrong to want the English language to stay the same?

I Love You/Miss You Now/Soon

Letting the future ruin the present. 


We are our own worst critics in the mirror. 


Fifty Shades of Black and Blue Down South

When are we going to get a handle on gun-loving guys beating up and killing their women? 

Just Us Girls

Is it okay to call ourselves girls?

No Ice Bucket for Me

Are we just grumps if we don't want to get iced for charity?

We're Walking Here

Maybe our dogs have the right idea...

Eyes Up Here

The life of a busty woman.

All By Myself

Why most of us can't stand to be alone with our thoughts. 


Bored? Good!

Try getting a little bored every once in a while. 

I'm A Creep

Why have I suddenly started noticing younger men's bodies?

Zombie Wars

Oh, sleep, wherefore art thou?

Like Riding A Bike

When you get a bike in middle age, turns out it really ISN'T like riding a bike! 

Are You Beautiful?

Why so many of us can't answer yes. 

Greeting Card Sentiment

The greeting card aisle after you've lost your mom can bring you to your knees. 


Life Skills

Can you bake a cherry pie? What are the life skills that make you a good spouse...or a good adult?

What do French Women Have That We Don't?

French women have a bit of je ne sais quoi, but I want to sais quoi. 

Stop and Smell the Burnt Toast

Life's calamaties

Would You Want to Know?

If you could know the details of your death, would you want to?

You Can't Defy Age

No matter what the beauty products say, you can't defy age.

Pointless Protest

Boycotts? Whatev...


How Old for a Legacy?

How old do you have to be to leave a legacy when you die?

Not Quite Kosher

Hoping my ignorance didn't send someone to hell

I'd Rather Be Weak

It's good to be strong, but when it comes to grief, I'd rather be weak. 

Won't You Be My Friend?

Am I too old to make new friends?

Resolving to Be Human

Being imperfect is okay.

Baby's First

My first Christmas without my Mom. 


Vapid Transit

A recent transit ad makes women look empty-headed. 

The Disease of Being Female

Why are normal hormonal events treated like diseases?

Chickening Out

The agony of the introvert.

The Oldest Couple at the Jailbreak

What exactly is age-suitable entertainment?

Stilettos Not Required

Transitioning to a brand new life in a brand new city.