charleston living magazine


Model to Artist

She used to be a model. Now she's painting other people's bodies. 

Postpartum Support

Sometimes, the mother of a new baby struggles to find the joy. 

Bridal Fairy Godmothers

Her business is creating fairy tale weddings. 

Man of Vision

He does surgery on eyes and keeps his father's vision alive. 


Craving tacos? Here are some places that can satisfy that craving. 


The furniture store that wants to make you feel like you've walked into your own home. 


Outdoor Living

A home meant for outdoor living

Accommodating House

A home designed for a family that includes a member with cerebral palsy. 

Christmas Love Story

Sure it's an annual holiday show. But behind the scenes, it's an enduring love story. 

Upscale Eclectic

It's a bit  younger than the usual Charleston aesthetic. 

Local BBQ

A look at some of Charleston's finest bbq. 



Creating clinics for people in need. 

Dunleavy's Pub

Sure it's a beach bar, but it's where the community gathers too. 

Seabiscuit Cafe

Good food anchors against the tides of time. 

Crescent Olive

Ice cream...and vinegar? Yep. All part of the olive oil flavor profiles.